rsg de Borgen is a comprehensive school for pupils who live in Noordenveld and Westerkwartier (in the provinces of Drenthe and Groningen). rsg de Borgen offers various kinds of general education such as: Gymnasium, Athenaeum, HAVO, pre-vocational education and practical education. rsg de Borgen has 5 locations:


This location offers practical education according to the following principles: assist pupils to develop themselves, take care of a pleasant and safe learning environment and teach several theoretical and practical skills.


The Lindenborg is a school for gymnasium, athenaeum, havo and technasium which offers  pupils a havo diploma after five years or a gymnasium/ athenaeum diploma after six years. The technasium is a method for better beta-education (for pupils of gymnasium and athenaeum). It connects thinking and acting in a new profile called Research and Design.


The Nijeborg offers pre-vocational education (vmbo).


The Ronerborg offers the students education following the Dalton System with basic principles such as responsibility, independency and collaboration.


The Woldborg offers prevocational education (vmbo) for pupils with havo, athenaeum or pre-vocational education prospects. After an observation period of two years, pupils choose vmbo at the Woldborg or go to the Lindenborg (third class of havo or athenaeum).

Most schools of rsg de Borgen have several international experiences. This differs from e-mail-contact-projects, exchanges and projects to practical learning abroad. rsg de Borgen states that international experiences belong to education; it is a tool to become a competent European citizen.